Ichinomiyaを英語でガイドしよう! 138タワーパーク編

The Twin Arch 138 was built using the lift-up construction method.  This is a rare construction method in Japan

まず展望階を含むタワー頭部を地上で作りました。油圧ジャッキにより塔全体をリフトアップしながら下部に部材を継ぎ足す工法で、19回のリフトアップをしました。 最後に、コンクリート打設で完了です。。ツインアーチ138は、基本的には頭から順に作ったものなのです。
First, the high and low arch-tower heads and the Arch Observatory were built on the ground.Then, while the whole head and observatory was lifted up with oil jacks, construction materials were added little by little.  The lift-up was performed 19 times!  Finally, the concrete supports for the base, and the finishing touches were added.  Basically, Twin Arch 138 was built from top-to-bottom.