Ichinomiyaを英語でガイドしよう! 三岸節子記念美術館編
三岸節子の一生2 〜はじめてのフランス、軽井沢・大磯にて〜
     The life Setsuko Migishi 2
        〜to France for the first time and In Karuizawa and Oiso


  Age 49. She travels to France for the first
time. After returning to Japan, she finds
an interest in Haniwa and uses it as a subject
for her works


  Age 52. After all her children moved out of home,
she goes to live in a mountain villa in Karuizawa and
begins her work there.

59歳の時、神奈川県大磯に転居し、目の覚めるような原色づかい の作風へと変わっていった。
  Age 59. She moves to Oiso in Kanagawa prefecture. Her style of painting changes to
using colours that would awaken your senses.