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美濃路と起宿 〜渡しのある宿場町〜
     The Minoji Road and Okoshi Rest Station


 <Minoji road> 
 During the Edo period, the Minoji Road was a bypass that connected the Miya Rest Station on the Tokaido road to the Tarui Rest Station on the Nakasendo Road.The Minoji Road was 57.5 kilometers long, and there were 7 rest stations situated along its path, one of which was the Okoshi rest station.


Honjin (lodging officially designated for a daimyo) was a lodging house located in an inn town and utilized by daimyo, court nobles and imperial messengers during their travels when they needed to rest or lodge for the night.
 A waki honjin (secondary lodging)was an extra facility of the honjin and was utilized along with the honjin during a sankin kotai (Alternate Residence Duty) procession in two situations.  In the first situation, if the procession was too large and there were not enough rooms in the honjin, the low-status members of the procession would stay in the waki honjin. Second, if it so happened that two daimyo stayed in the same in town at the same time, then the one with higher social status would stay at the honjin, while the one with lower social status would stay at the waki honjin.At all other times, common travelers could lodge at the waki honjin as well.