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美濃路を通った人・もの 〜大名・旅人・そして象〜
     People and Goods that Passed Through the Minoji Road    

 People and Goods that Passed Through the Minoji Road
 During the Edo period, the Minoji Road was a bypass that connected the Miya Rest Station on the Tokaido road to the Tarui Rest Station on the Nakasendo Road.
The Minoji Road was 57.5 kilometers long, and there were 7 rest stations situated along its path, one of which was
the Okoshi rest station.


 <An Elephant Passed through Minoji>
 In 1728 an elephant from Vietnam was presented to the shogun. Accompanied by a large procession, it passed through the Minoji Road along the path from Nagasaki to Edo.  In order to cross the Kisogawa River, a special boat was built.  The elephant also stayed at Okoshi rest station.