Ichinomiyaを英語でガイドしよう! 尾西歴史民俗資料館編E
    Okoshi Clay Dolls and Clay Bell & The Life of a Weaver

 Okoshi Clay Dolls and Clay Bell
 These dolls and bells are made of clay.Since the past till the present day, these clay dolls and clay bells have been manufactured in Tomida, an area in Ichinomiya, but since the main center of this region was Okoshi, these artworks are called “Okoshi Clay Dolls” and “Okoshi Clay Bells”.
 The clay bells are amulets believed to ward off mice from silkworm farmhouses.The motifs on the clay bells are painted in vivid colors and include the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, famous historical figures, as well as Kabuki characters.


 <The Life of a Weaver>

 The textile industry has flourished since ancient times in this region, and even today this area is well-known as a woolen textile production area.

 The roof of the textile factories has a particular shape to facilitate the manufacturing process. This shape is called a “jagged roof”.
 In the past, the sound of looms could be heard everywhere in the city, but woolen textile factories have been gradually diminishing in recent times.