Ichinomiyaを英語でガイドしよう! 尾西歴史民俗資料館編G
 別館 旧林家住宅  
     Annex Building: Former Hayashi Residence

Kugurido (side door)>

Kugurido is a side door set up in the entrance. It is used at night as a shutter.


  <Renjikoshi  (lattice window)
It acts as a screen, blocking the inside rooms from outside view.



<Chozubachi (water basin) and Suikinkutsu (Japanese garden ornament and musical device)>
  A water basin placed in the garden for hand-washing.
  A Japanese garden ornament that consists of a device which creates a sound similar to that of the Japanese koto harp, thanks to water drops.It consists of an upside down buried pot with a little hole at the top.The bottom is made of materials like clay, to retain water.Usually, on the top there is a chozubachi (water basin) from which water flows.  The water drips through the hole on top of the pot, creating a sound similar to that of the Japanese koto, which reverberates inside the pot.