The Ichinomiya International Association's

Ichinomiya Living Guide

Emergency Information

Dial 119   for Fire Engines and Ambulances
  • In Case of Fire: Say "Kaji desu" and the address, name, a nearby landmark and what is on fire over the telephone.  Shout "Kaji, Kaji" repeatedly to let neighbors know about a dangerous fire. 
  • In case of injury or sudden illness: Say "Kyuu-kyuu desu" and the address, your name, a nearby landmark and the kind of accident over the telephone. 
  • "Kaji desu" or "Kyuu-kyuu desu" 
  • "...(what is burning)... ga moete imasu" 
  • "...(kind of accident)... desu" 
  • "Basho wa ...(nearby landmark)... no chikaku desu" 
  • "Watashi wa ...(your name)... desu" 

Dial 110 for the Police 
  • To Report a Traffic Accident: Say "Koutsuu jiko desu"
  • To Report a Theft: Say "Tonan desu"
  • To Report a Fight: Say "Kenka desu" to report a fight 
  • "Kotsu jiko desu" (or "Tonan desu" or "Kenka desu") 
  • "Basho wa ...(landmark)... no chikaku desu" 
  • Watashi wa ...(your name)... desu.