The Ichinomiya International Association's

Ichinomiya Living Guide

Arriving in Japan


  • When searching for a house or room to rent, you should visit realty dealers to find a case which meets your requirements.  (Mansions are generally classified a little higher than ordinary apartments.)  It is also a good idea to check magazines which provide such information.

  • It is general practice to initially prepare to have money equivalent to about 6 or 7 times the monthly rent.

  • In addition to the realty dealers, city and prefectural housing is also available. For details, contact the following:

    Public Housing Section, Construction and Public Housing Division,
    1th floor, Ichinomiya City Hall Bisai Brunch Office West Bld.
    Telephone: 0586-28-8694

  • If you are not fluent in Japanese, you should try to have a fluent Japanese speaker accompany you when you visit realty dealers for better negotiation.

Approximate Amount of Money
Necessary to Rent a House or Room
  • Key Money :
Paid to the owner of the house or room. 
2 to 3 times the monthly rent.
  • Deposit :
Reserved for neglected payment of rent and repair of the house or room.  After deducting the cost of any repairs, this money is returned when you move out. 
2 to 3 times the monthly rent.
  • Rent :
The first month's rent is paid when you move in.
  • Commission :
A commission is paid to the realty dealer through whom you found the apartment. This money is not returned.  Approximately one month's rent.
  • Service Fees :
Every month fees for common services such as electricity for stairway lighting and fees for cleaning the public areas of the building must also be paid.
*** Note:
Charges may be more expensive when renting a mansion.

Please contact the following for each utility when you start usage.  If you are not fluent in Japanese, it is a good idea to ask a fluent Japanese speaker to call for you.

You can also consult the realty dealer for the procedures for obtaining the services below:

Contact Addresses
  • Electricity :
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.,
Ichinomiya Branch Office,
  • City Water Supply :
Ichinomiya City,
Water Supply Division,
Water Management Center,
  • Propane Gas :
The contact information for your local dealer can be found on the surface of the gas cylinder.
  • City Gas :
Ask your Landlord about the gas company and then contact the nearest branch office.

Usage of Gas

Please be sure you understand how to use your gas apparatus prior to usage, and when you use a bath heated by gas, you should check that the bath is filled with enough water before igniting the heater. 
When you aren't using the gas, please close the main valve of the gas supply.  In case you smell gas (be careful, it might have a different smell from your country's), you should check for leakage around the apparatus immediately and inform the gas company or dealer promptly.

Alien Registration

Foreigners in Japan must apply for alien registration within 90 days of entry at their local city or town office.  In Ichinomiya, apply to:

Civil Affairs Section,
1st Floor, Ichinomiya City Hall
Tel. (0586) 28-8974

  • Initial Registration:

16 years old and over:
All Individuals Must Apply

Under 16 years old:
A family member should apply on behalf of the individual

  • Required Items
  • Passport
  • Signature Seal (if you have one)
  • Two Photographs