The Ichinomiya International Association's

Ichinomiya Living Guide

2. Natural Disasters

Japan suffers annually from a variety of natural disasters.  The two most common types are earthquakes and typhoons. 

  • Earthquakes: In an earthquake, the ground shakes, sometimes quite violently, occasionally causing buildings to collapse.  Compared to other countries, Japan has earthquakes rather often.


  1. For your safety, hide underneath a table or desk, and stay calm. 
  2. Extinguish fires and immediately close the main valve of your gas supply. 
  3. Outdoors, be wary of signboards, window glass and walls and fences that can fall and cause injury.

  • Typhoons : Every year, from the middle of i to the beginning of October, Japan has several typhoons that bring strong wind and heavy rain.  They have the potential to cause severe floods, which can even damage buildings.  Keep alert of typhoon information through Television and radio reports. 
NOTE: Ask a neighbor about the location of emergency shelters in your area.  Generally, nearby elementary or middle schools are used as shelters.  In the event of an emergency, take shelter together with you neighbors.